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Take care after upgrade to 7.0.6, the page containing [-] in the name, the url will change when they will be update.
ex:  the page that carries with-dashes-name as the name has the url: withdashesname.aspx (- deleted)
When it will be update, the url will become: with-dash-name.aspx

The url withdashesname.aspx would return a 404 error.

Solution: identify pages with - in the name, and create pages with name without dashes, and redirect them to the pages of history whose url has changed in the update.
Ex: You create a page (visible to all) at the same level with the namewithdashesname then permanently redirect to the page with-dashes-name. Desable include in menu.
Eventually, change the priority of the page so that it no longer appear in the site map (if configured).